Living With Tinnitus

Tinnitus (“ringing” or “buzzing” in the ears) can be bothersome and can even interfere with everyday activities. Most people experience some tinnitus, but if your tinnitus changes over time, or if it starts to interfere with your everyday life, it’s time to seek help. Arrange for a hearing assessment with Judith Heal, Doctor of Audiology (Audiologist). Judith is experienced in tinnitus management. At this appointment, your hearing will be profiled through a series of non-invasive measures, and you will be provided with a roadmap for managing your tinnitus.

How We Can Help

The good news is, recent advances in tinnitus research and treatment means that most people with bothersome tinnitus can be helped. There is no need to ‘just live with it’ anymore.

Judith has studied tinnitus as part of her Doctor of Audiology studies.  She is a Widex Zen Therapy Certified Practitioner. Judith has been helping patients reduce the frustration and stress caused by chronic, intrusive tinnitus since 1992.

To start enjoying the quiet moments in life again, contact us for an appointment.

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